Human Resource Development

The Department of Education (DepED) strongly supports capacity building activities which are meant to enhance the knowledge and skills of the teaching and non-teaching personnel of the Department towards a more effective and efficient delivery of basic education services. The Human Resource Development Unit provides technical support in the implementation of a strategic HRD plan and provides technical assistance to the schools division in order to deliver quality and sustainable HRD services.

Scholarship and Professional Program Coordination
Builds and maintains network of institutions providing opportunities for Scholarship Programs to get updates on offerings and disseminates to school division personnel opportunities for scholarships and accepts applications; coordinates the screening and selection of applicants with SDO management to arrive at a final list of scholars; and coordinates with institutions confirmed scholars and documentary requirements to facilitate availment of the scholarship; coordinates/conducts orientation of scholar to ensure awareness of the conditions of the scholarship and expectations of the agency from the scholar; coordinates and maintains communication and moral support to the scholar (before, during, and after scholarship) to help them complete their scholarship; and monitors, evaluates and submits report on the status and progress of scholars, and the benefits of the scholarship programs to the agency.
Qualified Teachers for BukSU-DepEd Graduate Scholarship Grants
This office announces the qualified teachers for Bukidnon State University-Department of Education (BukSU-DepED) graduate scholarship grants effective summer of 2019 for School Year 2019-2020, namely:

The duration of the scholarship grant is twelve (12) months which commences in April 2019 and ends in April 2020.

Employees Welfare
Designs and implements process for gathering data on welfare needs of employees and proposes, designs, and implements programs to respond to the welfare needs of various employee groups; reviews, proposes and coordinates implementation of reward and recognition programs; conducts monitoring and evaluation of employee welfare programs and submits report on status, progress, and impact to provide feedback to management; and conducts monitoring and evaluation of results of implementation of rewards and recognition programs and submits report on status, progress, and impact in order to provide feedback to management.

Succession and Exit
Coordinates the implementation of succession planning system in order to create a candidate pool for critical positions in the SDO; coordinates the implementation of Leadership Development programs for high potential employees to build a pool of leaders in the SDO; coordinates the implementation of retirement programs for employees due for retirement to prepare them and the organization for the transition; designs and implements process for gathering data from resigning personnel to get feedback on factors that helped or hindered in the performance of their work and implications towards continuous improvement in the work climate and in the workplace.

Professional and Career Development
Determines professional and competency development needs of individual personnel in the schools division and implements system for preparing HR Development Plans (including professional and career development plans of employees) of personnel of the schools division.

HR Development Interventions
Determines the competency development needs of personnel in the Schools Division and identifies those which can be responded to by training; identifies internal and external training providers, resource speakers and facilitators, and prepares contract for design and conduct of training; prepares a “Calendar of Training and Development Programs” offering to division personnel; prepares and conducts training and development program designs and packages to be offered regularly to schools division personnel; and designs Career Paths for teaching and non-teaching positions in the schools division office to guide personnel in their career goals setting and development.
HR Strategic Plans and Policies
Reviews and analyzes researches, M & E Reports and identifies HRD related issues and findings and submits recommendations for policy directions in the formulation on HRD programs and their implementation; conducts an assessment of the human resource development situation and needs of the Schools Division Office, schools and learning centers, to provide basis for HRD plans and programs; and coordinates the preparation of a Human Resource Development Plan for the Schools Division.
Training and Development Records
Coordinates the installation and ensures continuous operation and maintenance of training and development records; and guides the generation of reports and analyzes data and its implications in order to provide management with information and feedback on the implementation of training and development in the schools division.
Technical Assistance
Provides Technical Assistance to schools and learning centers by responding to the identified needs in relation to HRD and other matters on governance and operations.